Each full-time student, enrolled in grades 4 through 9 in any of the schools, participants of the project, who is registered for the competition by the responsible teacher from that particular school, is eligible to participate in the contest.

Each school should register minimum 30, and not more than 40 students. It is allowed to have the same group of students participating in both cycles, but it is also allowed to register one group of students for the first cycle (03.Feb. – 10.Mar.), and another group for the second cycle (22.Mar. – 23.Apr.).

At the beginning of each cycle, a set of challenges from the physical education curriculum will be uploaded and presented on the project’s web site. Each student independently selects a challenge from the web site, watches the video and reads the instructions to understand the challenge better, and then tries to complete that challenge.

Upon completion of the challenge, depending on the nature of the challenge, the student needs to submit a video as a proof of completion of the challenge. Responsible teachers from each school can participate in the contest and send their videos for the completed challenges.

All videos MUST be submitted using the form which can be found on the web page of the project. Videos sent via email will not be accepted.

Submitting offending or inappropriate videos will be reported immediately to the director and the responsible teacher from the particular school and will be strictly sanctioned.

Submitted videos WILL NOT BO PUBLISHED the organizers on this web site, nor on any other social media.

At the end of the project, some of the submitted videos may be used for creating a promotional video for the project.

Students (and teachers) receive points for every successfully completed challenge. The exact number of points which can be received for a particular challenge will be noted in the description and instructions for that challenge.

Points are awarded only for successfully and correctly completed challenges, regardless of the technique used. Awarding of the points for the submitted videos is done by the organizers of the contest. The responsible teachers from each school have the right to ask for clarifications about the awarded points for their students in case such a need arises.

Students are encouraged to complete as many challenges as possible for each cycle. Additional 10% from the earned points will be awarded to each student (and teacher) who will successfully complete all 15 challenges in a particular cycle.

Students (and teachers) compete and earn points individually, as well as a team for their school. Ranking of students and schools is done based on the awarded points, and students and schools with more points are ranked higher.

In case of a tie (two or more students/schools with the same number of points), the total number of completed challenges will be used for breaking the tie (the more completed challenges, the better the ranking). In case of the same number of points and same number of completed challenges both participants are ranked equally.

Earning points is cumulative, meaning that the points earned by students and/or schools in the first cycle are added to the points earned in the second cycle.

Separate ranking lists will be created and posted for the individual and team contest.

Each student (and a teacher) participates individually in the individual contest with the points which he / she earns by completing the challenges for that particular cycle. In order to qualify for the individual ranking, the students must complete a minimum of three (3) challenges.

All points earned by the students (and teachers) from one school are summed up and count towards the total number of points for that particular school. In order to enable a fair competition, when calculating the total points for schools that registered more than 30 students for a particular month, only the points of the top 30 ranked students from that school will be taken into consideration.

The organizer provides:
* Certificates of participation for all participants in the project / competition who will complete at least three challenges.
* Certificates of participation for all schools participating in the project / competition.
* Mini packages with sports equipment for training as a reward for the top 30 participants from the individual ranking list.

The rankings for the individual and team competition are published on Monday, at the beginning of each week, with points awarded for the completed challenges for which videos will be sent no later than 18:00 on Friday of the previous week. Points awarded for videos submitted after 18:00 on Friday will be counted in next week’s rankings.

Only videos for completed challenges submitted no later than 24:00 on 10.March (for the first cycle) and 24:00 on 23.April (for the second cycle) will be taken into consideration when awarding points and ranking for the respective cycle. It will not be possible to submit videos after the deadline set for each cycle.