Challenge 25 (2 points)

1. For this challenge you will need a medium-sized ball and adequate space to complete the challenge;
2. Take a position with your face facing the floor, your legs straight at your knees, your feet apart, your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart, and your arms and body straight.
3. Then take the ball with one hand (left or right) and lift it upwards holding it in a position high above the body and head;
4. When ready, drop the ball behind your body so that it bounces off the floor on the other side, close to the other hand on the floor;
5. Quickly return the hand with which you raised and dropped the ball to the floor, and catch the ball with the other hand before it bounces a second time.
6. Do the same on the other side using the other hand;
7. The challenge is to do the exercise two time on both sides without the ball bouncing off the floor twice in a row;
8. Challenge yourself and be active!

Completion of the challenge will be easier if you choose a ball that bounces more from the floor;

2 points will be awarded for successfully completed challenge;

We recommend that all children under the age of 18 are supervised by an adult when attempting these challenges. All participants take part at their own risk. The organizer accepts no responsibility for injury as a result of taking part in this project and contest.

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