The association for individual, organizational and societal development GROWTH ANDDEVELOPMENT Skopje was founded in September 2014, from a group of professionals in thefields of education and science, culture and art, sport and business/entrepreneurship, with themission: “citizens in the Republic of Macedonia to achieve treatment as equal and dignified citizensof Europe and the world, to live in a wellbeing, to have the means to develop and use their fullpotential, to be actively involved in a modern and perspective society, and at the same time tocontribute to its growth and survival”.

GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Skopje is especially known in the public after: “Youth study in North Macedonia 2018/2019” (a project financed by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation – office in Skopje), which contributes for creation of national politics in the field of youth in the country (lifestyle, family and social life, education, employment, active citizenship, political participation, etc.), but also for development of scientific literature in social sciences – on domestic, regional and international level.

st. Kej 13, November 18/28
1000 Skopje
Tel. +38978336366